Welcome to Zen’s

Welcome friends! You have wandered down a long rabbit hole to find me, and I hope that at the end of your tiring and perilous journey you can find respite and warmth here. So rest your weary bones, and I’ll tell you a story…(hot beverage optional).

My name is Zenara Leafcruncher, Halfling Bard who specialises in terrible/post-modern limericks and talent shows in the local pub. I’m often found in the D&D world of Absalom, but by day I am a Bookseller and Games Guru in the heart of Cambridge, UK.

I personally find my day job pretty epic. Adventurers travel to Cambridge from far and wide, and are greeted by the universal language of dusty bookshop; where the shelves are bowing under the pressure of historical tomes and only the booksellers know the arcane lore of summoning and taming wild books onto the shelves.

If you dare to delve further into the dungeons of the shop, you will probably find me, perched in a corner, surrounded by my second passion: Board Games! If you ever spot me looking flustered, it is probably because the large troves of dice tried to free themselves from their containers again….

My job starts and ends with the community surrounding me on a daily basis, and this blog is here to extend the welcome around the world. I hope to share my love of books and board games with you all whilst promoting independent creators. But please heed my warning now adventurers… this blog is unapologetically feminist, just like its owner!

Feel free to stick around a while, and let me share with you my guide to navigating the multiverse!

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