Dynamic Female RPG Characters are Possible! (Part 1)

Welcome back adventurers! Pull up a pew and rest those weary legs whilst I tell you a bit more about Zen and her fellow females.

A little over a year ago, I was terrified of the roleplaying world. I liked to keep my emotions close to my chest and I had no desire of losing myself in fantasy worlds. Since then though, I have had the opportunity to partake in a number of campaigns and my all male GM’s have been brilliantly supportive in allowing my characters to be more than their stats and ability checks. I have had FIVE amazing characters including the wonderful Zen herself; each unique to themselves, but they definitely get their fire from me. The first three are below:

Image by Pexels from Pixabay 

The Pragmatist – Margaret Smith (Mags), was a small town teenager who helped her mum run the local campsite shop. She was bored, smoked cigarettes (not usually a hobby I recommend), and found trouble around every corner. She was my first tangible character I got to play, in an RPG system called Bubblegumshoe. In essence, we were a bunch of teens in the summer of 1980-something and some crazy time-travelling nonsense was going down at the local weather station. Mags had a strict ‘no believing in make-believe’ attitude and found it difficult to process our situation as much more than a farce, until she got trapped in time herself, and her friends grew up before she could return to her old life. She was a spunky fighter with a big heart and a signature pair of bolt-cutters (which still hang on my wall today).

Image by Tomáš Lhotský from Pixabay 

The Chaos – Fidget ‘the’ Gnome was a fiery ball of chaos. Armies backed away from her for fear of uncertain death, and she was flipping brilliant to play! Fidget was originally meant to be an NPC in an ongoing Pathfinder campaign when they needed a player to drop in and cause trouble for 3 weeks. This particular campaign had been running for a few years already, and the characters were high level, so I went in as a low level fighter gnome with a severe death wish. But no matter how many holes she fell down, airships she fell out of, dragons she ran straight up to to pet…. she just wouldn’t die! She had no concept of preservation of life or fear. After the ultimate boss battle, we’re pretty sure she was adopted as a demi-goddess of chaos and occasionally makes cameo appearances in other campaigns to scare the other players into having some common sense. Mechanically speaking, she was also a great way of working out how Pathfinder operated. Doing crazy things was her MO, so if she wanted to climb something, jump off of something, pet a highly dangerous creature… I would have to learn how to roll for it!

Image by Yatheesh Gowda from Pixabay 

The Calm – In a determined effort to play a more ‘serious’ character after the fun of Fidget, I joined my first D&D 5E campaign which was much deeper in terms of roleplaying. There was a shared love of storytelling around the table and written character background stories were written down and handed to the GM before we even started playing. Hesperis Matronalis (Mother of the Night) was a reserved Moon Elf monk/assassin who had spent her entire life in the monastery. Equipped with her Katana, she slipped out of the monastery and effectively became a mercenary to survive. When she met her fellow band of adventurers, she only spoke when she had something to contribute to the group. In fights, she was a weapon of elegant destruction, but she found interacting in social situations a little jarring at first. Luckily her new friends fed her pancakes and introduced her to a world of new and beautiful things.

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