Hello adventurers! This week I wanted to share Velavyre’s origin story with you. Before our D&D 5E campaign began in earnest, we were given a little bit of a backstory to the world we were entering into by our GM and then we were asked to create characters in reaction to it. I got a bit carried away with the amount I wrote in response, but my GM was really supportive and even helped me hone in Velavyre’s beliefs, desires and life before session zero! I hope sharing it inspires others to get carried away with their character building. Honestly… it is my favourite part of any new campaign!

She might be loud, but she’s wise when she needs to be…

She has gone by many names over the last few centuries (if you count time in the petty human way that is), but Velavyre was the name her mother bestowed upon her at birth. She was born the colour of burning embers, in a world of warping dreams and echoes. She remembers her world, the world of the fey, before the deities of the material plane found her and called to her, to watch over and protect those in need. She emerged from a world of trickery and shadow, where time bent subtly like droplets being sucked over the edge of a waterfall, into a brighter land. This new land hurts in a different way… a more solid way… everything is heavier here, a new density to her heart and head overwhelm her.

Velavyre has always been a being of excess. She eats and drinks like tomorrow is a day that may never dawn, but she gives away even more to anyone and everyone that she meets. Whilst her life seems long to mortals in the material plane, she remains youthful at her core and finds joy in even the smallest of things. She is used to a world navigated through the wild unpredictability of nature, but is learning to navigate a new dimension built around heavier rules and restrictions. She remembers the new weight that elements such as gold and copper carry around material beings… they are always so fascinated by it…. For her though, she is happy to trade it for simple pleasures and a good time.

Her lifestyle has always suited her personality as she lived within the Fey court. She was never particularly aristocratic, but her leisurely lifestyle was condoned as she was always full of life at a party and always had a fun tale to entertain with. She was never one to seek adventure outside of her comfort zone, living within the larger gatherings of the Feywild, and only travelling when necessary and with a group that didn’t mind regular eating and drinking stops.

One day, Velavyre was amused to see a small bird-like creature pop into existence before her. Clearly young and full of a mixture of terror and excitement, Velavyre was instantly fascinated by the small ruffle of feathers in front of her and took her under her wing (excuse the pun). With no idea how to help Kreevali get back to the different world she was from, she instead set about amusing the child, and teaching it the Feywild languages and cultures. She found feeding the creature seemed to make it bigger, and Velavyre found herself growing fond of it in a way that she hadn’t felt about anyone before; a certain responsibility towards Kreevali’s wellbeing began to flourish in her.

But time is a funny thing in her world, and as soon as she began to become attached to the small ball of feathers, she popped out of existence again. Velavyre began swirling with unexplored emotions like melancholy, rage, shock just as she herself popped out of one world, and into the unknown.

She calls to the Wildmother to help her on her adventure. The Wildmother carries all of her children through the mortal plain as they navigate the wondrous and chaotic natural world around them. Since her emergence into the material world, she has started to notice subtle physical and emotional changes to her body and mind, she is undergoing some sort of transformation, but she cannot yet fathom what she will transform into. She clings to the Wildmother for guidance in this confusing time.

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