Bringing Misfits Together: Strange Meetings and Glad Tidings

Welcome back weary travellers! The bank holiday weekend already feels like it was aeons ago. With cup of tea in hand, I was reminiscing over all the ridiculous ways bands of characters have been brought together to fight great evil or possibly a goblin or two…

Bringing a bunch of strangers together at the start of any RPG is a challenge mechanically for many reasons, but namely the fact that players all like creating unique and often absurd characters who were unlikely to ever have a reason to cross paths with the character of the player sat across from them at the table!

So Zen herself found her motley crew on a prison ship of all places. She got into a bit of a brawl with the law after her family’s antique Viol (the family instrument passed down generation after generation) was stolen. She found her way into black markets looking for information as to its whereabouts before getting caught in a black market raid. Hence she found herself on a prison ship with her now three chums, Faugar the Half-Elf Ranger, Helja the Dwarf Monk, and Bryn ‘the Bearful’ Half-elf Druid. Faugar, the most lawful of our companionable group (and possibly the only one of us with a shred of sense), was thrown in for punching a noble in the face; Helja very accidentally poisoned a group of monks after she brewed a bad batch of beer, and all we know from Bryn was that there was a deer involved…mumble…mumble….

Then there was Velavyre, the mother of nature herself, the wild and unpredictable one. Her character was a challenge for my poor DM as she was going to prove a challenge to the colonial world she was being thrust into from day one. This is an ongoing campaign with three characters so completely different from one another, and were brought together into the same city by a potentially omnipotent being… Velavyre herself met her old friend Kreevali, an Aarakocra Ranger, when Kreevali was nought but a small ball of feathers who accidentally planeswalked into the Feywild. Velavyre raised Kreevali for a few years, teaching her the language and culture of the Fey. One day Kreevali popped back into her own existence, and mere minutes later, Velavyre found herself popped into the material plane too. However, as time moves so differently between the planes, Kreevali was fully grown this time. They had little time to reunite though, before the city was attacked by a group of Wyverns, and this is how they met Albrecht, a Human Fighter who came by ship into the city from his own noble lands and assisted Kreevali and Velavyre in the battle. Velavyre of course, with no concept of money (or physically any on her), then took her companions to a pub and proceeded to by the entire bar a round to celebrate their victory! Beer = Friendship.

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