So you want to be a teacher?

Hello travellers! This week I wanted to delve a bit more into how I ended up working in a dusty old bookshop and how this can actually be a LEGITIMATE CAREER! Who would have thought it?!

My love of books started at an early age (probably relatable to most of my wonderful readers), as I had a mother who thoroughly encouraged my education through reading. The monthly treat was a trip to our local bookstore to choose new reads. She lovingly read all the Harry Potter books to me growing up, she introduced me to the Hobbit, she is the reason my head is halfway in the clouds.

So, it seemed inevitable when I chose to study BA English at University. We were told in our first lecture that we were joining the ‘most expensive book club in the world’, and that was spot on! I read a minimum of two novels a week from a variety of genres and times, as well as poetry and plays.

For everyone about to embark on an English degree, prepare for the ultimate question you shall receive from everyone you meet….

…………..’So you want to be a teacher?’ ………..


If you do wish to be a teacher, I wish you well on your noble quest. You are a model human being for society! But this article is for the despondent and lost dreamlike readers who have to suffer the real world when their heads aren’t lost in the next novel.

Bookshops (and Libraries) are currently at threat of extinction. It is important to remember that when you love and care for books, they can help create stronger and better educated communities in return. Book conservationists around the globe are working to protect their local independents from disappearing completely and we appreciate that love!

Last Christmas, I was privileged to be told by customers that they were choosing to shop local for their gifts, and when they actively made that decision, they were choosing to support expertise knowledge and dedication for a craft. Bookselling is more than a career, it is an art. It is about learning how to curate exhibits of books that are fresh and interesting, as well as being able to recommend well written reads.

Bookshops are vital organs on the UK’s highstreet. If you can’t get enough of sniffing books in the dingy corners of bookshops where you think we can’t see you, it is time to open your own store.

Being a Bookseller is akin to part-detective, part-conservationist, part-therapist, part-werewolf. It is the best job in the world. Next time you walk past your local store, pop in and show some love for your local bibliophile feeding their shelf-crippling addiction and getting paid in cups of tea.

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